When three premium brands combine their resources and skills to develop a new product line, you would be right to expect something impressive. When those three brands are Waves, DiGiCo and Soundtracs your expectations should be raised still further…

The result. DiGiGrid, a product range destined to provide the audio market with a new solution that delivers an open approach to audio, plugins, control and audio resource networking.

Each of these audio giants has injected its considerable expertise into the development of this revolutionary product range…

Waves is the pioneer of precision plugins, with a user list and accreditations that are the envy of its competitors. The company’s SoundGrid® Audio-over-Ethernet networking has years of proven reliability and with the SoundGrid Server technology platform opens a realm of possibilities for sharing and expanding.

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DiGiCo is, unquestionably, the market leader in FPGA development in the audio industry, having made the transition from older DSP designs some five years ago. This innovation opens the door to a new world of possibilities. A quick look at DiGiCo’s user list shows how the technology meets the demands of the largest tours, theatre productions and world stage broadcast sporting events.

Stealth Digital Processing™ places DiGiCo at the leading edge in terms of processing power and future proofing. Add to that their worksurface design skills and intimate knowledge of what engineers require to cope with the growing demands placed on them, leaving their rivals far behind.

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Soundtracs’ 40 years of pro audio heritage adds the final ingredient. Using their heritage of sonic performance, the analogue path of the units takes advantage of the latest chipset implementation offering 192kHz* conversion, whilst balancing the traditional values of audio. It is these values and relentless attention to detail that are stamped all over the units; not just in how they sound, but in how they are put together and the materials used, from the aluminium front panels, the screw lock power connector on the MGB, MGO, SWI and finally, the precision impedance balanced, multi layer printed circuit boards.

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The Waves SoundGrid network is the heart of DiGiGrid and whether it is simply a connection to your DAW for recording, a high-grade pre amp connection, or ultimately the processing engine for your recording, plugins and studio network, the system is designed to allow you to interface with the elements you need today, with the flexibility to network further in the future. This is because DiGiGrid is scalable and is ideal for users of all levels, from budget-minded audio enthusiasts to fully fledged multi room studio and live sound facilities.

In the studio, DiGiGrid systems deliver real-time, ultra low latency Waves plugin processing and monitoring capabilities, for all major DAW hosts and are powered by Intel-based Waves SoundGrid DSP servers, connected using standard Cat 5e or Cat 6 cables. Multiple I/Os, DAWs and consoles can all be inter-connected via SoundGrid and mixed on the Waves eMotion software mixer even between Windows and Mac operating systems.

DiGiGrid units can also be used in standalone mode, connecting to your DAW using compliant Core Audio or ASIO drivers.